Vale Nogueira VAZIO

Vale Nogueira

Located in the interior of Trás-os-Montes, in the middle of the transmontane plateau, the Quinta de Nogueira, which is named after the village where it is implanted, in the village of Salsas, in the county of Bragança, and houses our orchards and our gardens.

In a context where nature expresses itself in full force, where to speak of pollution is to speak of distant things and, where rurality assumes an expression in the landscape, in the day to day of the people who live here, we strengthen our orchards and support structures joining the secular knowledge with the attentive look of teams of diligent, hardworking and constantly training professionals.

For over a decade and a half we have produced jams, oils, teas, herbs and honey from our bees fed on heather, eucalyptus and so many other species.

We have evolved, thanks to the trust that the markets place in us, and that every day we are arrested with new orders because they know that it is not only a matter of choosing the best raw materials - our demand goes to the final product.

We are aiming to take the flavors that seem forgotten, the specificity of this or that condiment, this or that variety of fruit, a small note to carry us to those palates we stubbornly forget.

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